Recent Publications


Author(s) Title Type of Publication
Ha TM, Hansson H, Hatab AA, Darr D, Shakur S (2022)
A risk-benefit approach to the purchase and consumption of conventional vegetables in wet markets. Appetite.
Kabir KH, Uddin MN, Rahman S, Darr D, Drubo MD (2022)
Opportunities and determinants for rural youth engagement in catfish farming: empirical evidence from north-central Bangladesh. Aquaculture International.
Akter R, Darr D (2022)
Composition of agroforestry systems and their impact on livelihood improvement of tribal farmers in a tropical moist deciduous forest in Bangladesh. Trees, Forests and People.
Amare D, Darr D (2022)
Farmers’ intentions towards sustained agroforestry adoption: An application of the theory of planned behavior. Journal of Sustainable Forestry.
Kabir KH, Sarker S, Uddin MN, Leggette HL, Schneider UA, Darr D, Knierim A (2022)
Furthering climate-smart farming with the introduction of floating agriculture in Bangladeshi wetlands: Successes and limitations of an innovation transfer. Journal of Environmental Management.
Watson C, Houben D, Wichern F (2022)
Editorial: Frass: The Legacy of Larvae – Benefits and Risks of Residues From Insect Production. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems.
Tewes JT, Kerst M, Platte F, Bockmühl DP (2022)
Raman Microscopic Identification of Microorganisms on Metal Surfaces via Support Vector Machines. Microorganisms.
Darr D, Dumenu WK, Gebauer J, Kasulo V, Kleinke M, Meinhold K, Munthali C, Wichern F (2022)
The potential of non-timber forest products to contribute to the bioeconomy transition: the example of baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) in Malawi. In: The bioeconomy and non-timber forest products: theory and empirical advances, edited by Smith-Hall C and Chamberlain J.
Meinhold K, Dumenu WK, Darr D (2022)
Connecting rural non-timber forest product collectors to global markets: The case of baobab (Adansonia digitata L.). Forest Policy and Economics.
Meinhold K, Darr D (2022)
Keeping Up With Rising (Quality) Demands? The Transition of a Wild Food Resource to Mass Market, Using the Example of Baobab in Malawi. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems.
Khondokar KH, Fuad HM, Mostafa ZN, Roy D, Darr D, Leggette H, Ullah S, Asik M (2022)
Application of the technology acceptance model to assess the use and preferences of ICTs among field-level extension officers in Bangladesh. Digital Geography and Society.
Borges JAR, Neuberger S, Saatkamp H, Oude LA, Darr D (2022)
Stakeholder viewpoints on facilitation of cross-border cooperation. European Planning Studies.
Brands B, Kleinke M (2022)
Astaxanthin production in Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous grown in medium containing watery extracts from vegetable residue streams. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science.
Franceschini MHD, Becker R, Wichern F, Kooistra L (2022)
Quantification of Grassland Biomass and Nitrogen Content through UAV Hyperspectral Imagery—Active Sample Selection for Model Transfer. Drones.
Minarsch E-ML, Middelanis T, Wichern F, Göbel L, Böhm C, Weckenbrock P (2022)
Leitfaden: Bodenkundliche Untersuchungen in streifenförmigen Agroforstsystemen.
Paschen B, Wrage-Mönnig N, Fritz C, Wichern F (2022)
Ability of cereal species for nitrogen uptake from cover crop rhizodeposits is not related to domestication level. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science.
Schmetz R (2022)
Methodical optimisation of drivetrains of agricultural machinery with special focus on their electrification and energy efficiency. Proceedings of the 10th International Scientific Conference Rural Development 2021.
Schwalb SA, Shiwei L, Hemkemeyer M, Heinze S, Joergensen RG, Mayer J, Mäder P, Wichern F (2022)
Long-term differences in fertilisation type change the bacteria: archaea :fungi ratios and reveal a heterogeneous response of the soil microbial ionome in a Haplic Luvisol. Soil Biology and Biochemistry.
Seifert G, Krichel P, Schmetz R (2022)
Umstellung von SPNV-Linien auf lokalemissionsfreie Triebzüge am Beispiel des Niederrhein-Münsterland-Netzes. Proceedings : 3rd International Railway Symposium Aachen.
Araslanova K, Nastos J, Sommerfeld J, Megill W, Struck A, Shirtcliffe N, Neil J (2022)
On the relative extraction rates of color compounds and caffeine during brewing, an investigation of tea over time and temperature. Open Chemistry.
Author(s) Title Type of Publication
Endalamaw TB, Darr D (2021)
Institutional and technological innovation for the bamboo sector as an instrument for development and climate change resilience in Ethiopia. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development.
Heinze S, Hemkemeyer M, Schwalb SA, Khan KS, Joergensen RG, Wichern F (2021)
Microbial biomass sulphur—An important yet understudied pool in soil. Agronomy.
Hemkemeyer M, Schwalb SA, Heinze S, Joergensen RG, Wichern F (2021)
Functions of elements in soil microorganisms. Microbiological Research.
Hetjens BT, Tewes TJ, Platte F, Wichern F (2021)
The application of Raman spectroscopy in identifying Metarhizium brunneum, Metarhizium pemphigi and Beauveria bassiana. Biocontrol Science and Technology.
Hupe A, Naether F, Haase T, Bruns C, Heß J, Dyckmans J, Joergensen RG, Wichern F (2021)
Evidence of considerable C and N transfer from peas to cereals via direct root contact but not via Mycorrhiza. Scientific Reports.
Jansen L, Wichern F, Gebauer J (2021)
Effect of different mechanical seed scarification methods on germination and emergence dynamics of baobab (Adansonia digitata L.). Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics.
Jaza FAJ, Darr D (2021)
Promoting cocoa agroforestry under conditions of separated ownership of land and trees: Strengthening customary tenure institutions in Cameroon. Land Use Policy.
Kabir KH, Knierim A, Chowdhury A, Darr D (2021)
What matters for the job performance of field advisors: A case of participatory forest management in Madhupur Sal Forest in Bangladesh. Journal of Sustainable Forestry.
La Tham T, Darr D, Pretzsch J (2021)
Analysis of Acacia hybrid timber value chains: A case study of woodchip and furniture production in central Vietnam. Forest Policy and Economics.
Lam OHY, Dogotari M, Prüm M, Vithlani HN, Roers C, Melville B, Zimmer F, Becker R (2021)
An open source workflow for weed mapping in native grassland using unmanned aerial vehicle: using Rumex obtusifolius as a case study. European Journal of Remote Sensing.
Lucassen R, Weide M, Bockmühl D (2021)
Virucidal efficacy of household dishwashers. Microbiology Research.
Meinhold K, Darr D (2021)
Using a multi-stakeholder approach to increase value for traditional agroforestry systems: The case of baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) in Kilifi, Kenya. Agroforestry Systems.
Meisen SA, Smanalieva J, Oskonbaeva Z, Iskakova J, Darr D, Wichern F (2021)
Intraspecific variability overlays abiotic site effects on some quality parameters of walnut (Juglans regia L.) fruits from Kyrgyzstan. European Food Research and Technology.
Neuberger S, Saatkamp HW, Lansink AO, Darr D (2021)
Can differences in innovativeness between European cross-border regions be explained by factors impeding cross-border business interaction? PLoS ONE.
Rummel PS, Beule L, Hemkemeyer M, Schwalb SA, Wichern F (2021)
Black Soldier Fly Diet Impacts Soil Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Frass Applied as Fertilizer. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems.
Schages L, Wichern F, Geisen S, Kalscheuer R, Bockmühl D (2021)
Distinct resistomes and microbial communities of soils, wastewater treatment plants and households suggest development of antibiotic resistances due to distinct environmental conditions in each environment. Antibiotics.
Schwalb SA, Hemkemeyer M, Watson C, Wichern F (2021)
Mycorrhiza Reduces Phosphorus Uptake from Struvite in Rye (Secale cereale L.) Plants. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition.
Stotter M, Wichern F, Pude R, Hamer M (2021)
Nitrogen immobilisation and microbial biomass build-up induced by Miscanthus x giganteus L. based fertilisers. Agronomy.
Stotter M, Wichern F, Pude R, Hamer M (2021)
Utilisation of Miscanthus x giganteus L. Based C-Rich Fertilisers for N Immobilisation and Microbial Biomass Build-Up in a Crop Rotation. Agronomy.
Tafesse A, Mena B, Belay A, Aynekulu E, Recha JW, Osano PM, Darr D, Demissie TD, Endalamaw TB, Solomon D (2021)
Cassava production efficiency in Southern Ethiopia: The parametric model analysis. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems.
van der Wiel BZ, Weijma J, van Middelaar CE, Kleinke M, Buisman CJN, Wichern F (2021)
Restoring nutrient circularity in a nutrient-saturated area in Germany requires systemic change. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems.
Watson C, Schlösser C, Vögerl J, Wichern F (2021)
Excellent excrement? Frass impacts on a soil’s microbial community, processes and metal bioavailability. Applied Soil Ecology.
Watson C, Schlösser C, Vögerl J, Wichern F (2021)
Hydrochar, digestate, and process water impacts on a soil’s microbial community, processes, and metal bioavailability. Soil Science Society of America Journal.
Watson C, Preißing T, Wichern F (2021)
Plant Nitrogen Uptake From Insect Frass Is Affected by the Nitrification Rate as Revealed by Urease and Nitrification Inhibitors. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems.
Ade C, Pum J, Abele I, Raggub L, Bockmühl D, Zöllner B (2021)
Analysis of cycle threshold values in SARS-CoV-2-PCR in a long-term study. Journal of Clinical Virology.
Gallin-Anliker T, Wiedemann S, Bähler C, Kaske M (2021)
Einsatz von Antibiotika bei Aufzuchtkälbern für die Grossviehmast bzw. Fresseraufzucht auf sieben Schweizer Betrieben
Hetjens B, Platte F, Scholz P (2021)
Und der Haifisch, der hat Zähne … .Chemie in unserer Zeit.
Zinn MK, Singer M, Bockmühl D (2021)
Smells Like Teen Spirit-A Model to Generate Laundry-Associated Malodour In Vitro. Microorganisms.