Doctoral students

Meinhold, Kathrin

Baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) food products from Southern Africa to enhance food security: considerations on quality and commercialisation efforts     

TU Dresden

Amare Aysheshim, Dagninet

Innovation, adoption and diffusion of agroforestry practices: innovation systems and farm level analysis in the Amhara Region, Ethiopia
TU Dresden

Azarov, Azamat

Farming systems classification for the assessment of sustainable development pathways in the Tien-Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan
Czech Universty of Life Sciences

Dzhkapybeova, Klara

The ex-ante assessment of the forest management innovations in the walnut-fruit forests of Kyrgyzstan
Universität Bonn, ZEF

Dumenu, William

The effect of formalization on the performance and innovative capabilities of baobab processing enterprises in Malawi
Universität Göttingen

Sabine Neuberger

Investigation of green economy innovation development and diffusion in the Dutch-German cross-border region Wageningen University of Research

Selected master and bachelor theses

Nirupan Ganesharajah

The social and environmental costs and benefits of the baobab fruit shell briquette production in Malawi

MSc Biological Resources

Leah Freyberg

Application of agroforestry in Europe, North America and Australia: A scoping review

MSc Biological Resources

Olha Bovenkerk A discrete choice experiment to measure the Malawian potential market for baobab fruit shell briquettes: evidence from consumer preferences in Mzuzu City MSc Biological Resources
Samuel Lemmen Operational effectiveness of means reducing food losses and waste in food retail MSc Biological Resources
Johnson Asiedu Blay Baobab (Adansoina digitata) in Ghana: A supply chain analysis BA Agribusiness
Paula Forscheln Diurnal Activity, Group Formation and Behaviour of Fattening Pigs at First Time Occupancy of a Bavarian Hute Forest BSc Sustainable Agriculture
Anne Gurda An Unnecessary Organ? – A Critical Reflection on the Common Practice of Disbudding and Dehorning Cattle in the Light of Justifiability and Sustainability BSc Sustainable Agriculture
Divya Bhadula Evaluating the influence of adaption to vegan lifestyle on protecting the rights of farm animals and challenges faced by them due to climate change MSc Biological Resources
Timo Alexander Fröhlich Effects of a uniform milk label, consumer behavior, implication in regards to animal welfare BSc Sustainable Agriculture
Benno Derksen Prevalence of lameness in dairy cow herds – The influence of feeding and hoof health management BSc Sustainable Agriculture
Jasmin Wagner Entomophagy: Insects as part of sustainable food production and food safety BSc Sustainable Agriculture
Marley Dawn Morgan Effects of honey bee management optimisation on the sustainability of food security: A systematic literature review BSc Sustainable Agriculture
Andreas William Cutt Mechanical weed control in maize – Study on the adaptation of organic approaches to conventional farming BA Agribusiness
Rohit Kausal The correlation between milk temperature as measured in an automatic milking system and other body temperatures in dairy cows. MSc Biological Resources
Klara Hermsen Bio für eine zukunftsfähige Landwirtschaft? Untersuchung über den Ansatz der biologisch angebauten Lebensmittel bezüglich der Nachhaltigkeit unter Berücksichtigung der Erwartungen des Verbrauchers BSc Bioscience and health
Monica Camacho Urban agriculture: an alternative to alleviate poverty and ensure food security in Panama BSc Sustainable Agriculture
Radostina Belcheva Certified cocoa sourcing: Private sector contribution to achieving sustainable development in cocoa production BA Agribusiness
Donald Tem Beng The root and tuber crop value chain in Cameroon: An analysis of its structure and performance BA Agribusiness
Svenja Erfkämper Growth rates of different poplar clones in Central Asia. BSc Sustainable Agriculture
Anke Meyer Effect of the fertilizer application ordinance (DüV 2020) on feed management in pig fattening farms in Lower Saxony: an economic analysis BA Agribusiness
Chang Su A study on the factors affecting customer purchases in E-commerce sales of agricultural products in China BA Agribusiness
Zhaoran Chen A study on the relationship between host residents’ place attachment and their attitude toward tourism development in rural tourism destination —take Nanking “Shitang Renjia” tourist village as an example
Yuzheng Yang Study on the development of Internet plus and agricultural products sales in China BA Agribusiness
Meenakshi Duarah Healthy Additions in Dairy Milk: A Systematic Literature Review MSc Biological Resources
Siru Lai Investigation of COVID-19 effect on conventional tea industry in Chinese domestic market – Analysis along the supply chain BA Agribusiness

Trainees and research assistants

Peace-Efeh Ogbata

Consumers’ attitudes and purchasing intentions related to baobab shell briquettes and/or root tubers vegetable