The Aims of Food System Research at HSRW

The research activities carried out in our group aim to support, improve and actively contribute to the transformation of our food systems and the development of a sustainable and innovative bioeconomy. We aim to make concrete, application-related contributions to the development of knowledge, instruments, models, methods, technological or social innovations, services or products that support the sustainable production of agricultural products and biogenic resources, their processing and use, while at the same time securing the natural foundations of life, human nutrition and health.

To this end, we collaborate in our research projects with a diverse set of stakeholders including small and medium enterprises, international corporations, public authorities, non-governmental organizations, communities, and the civil society. Since our food systems are increasingly global, we conduct research on all geographical levels, from the Lower Rhine region to overseas, and aim to encompass the entire value chain, from primary production through the various stages of processing and marketing to the consumption of raw materials and developed products as well as process-accompanying sustainability assessments and ethical considerations.