Schanzenhof - Einführung

🌿 A Thriving Agroforestry Experience for Students! 🌿

✨ A successful student field trip on Thursday, with 35 participants visiting the agroforestry farms Berkhöfel (Bioland) and Schanzenhof (Demeter).

🍏 The students, and professors including Florian Wichern, Matthias Kleinke, Steffi Wiedemann and Conor Watson, explored the integration of trees with crops and livestock at these leading farms in Uedem and Alpen.

🌱 A representative of Berkhöfel explained one of their fields in Uedem with an approach of combining Pear-, Apple- and Plum trees with arable land and animal husbandry. The Schanzenhof farm in Alpen made their agroforestry systems, animal husbandry and agricultural technology available for the students and professors to explore.

With great weather and engaging discussions, the trip provided valuable insights into the practices and potential of sustainable agroforestry.