Dietrich Darr

Professor of Agribusiness

Dietrich’s research interests include the socioeconomics of agroforestry and smallholder agricultural and tree production systems, as well as the role of non-timber forest products in rural livelihoods and their value chains

Alexander Struck

Professor for Theoretical Physics

Alex is interested in applications of AI in spectroscopy, materials and systemic simulation, and operations research

Katie Meinhold

Project Coordinator

Steffi Wiedemann

Professor of Animal Science and Environmental Impacts


Rolf Becker

Professor of Physics with a Focus on Sensors and Mechatronics

Petra Blitgen-Heinecke

Professor of Process Engineering, making regional material flows sustainable

Dirk Bockmühl

Professor of Hygiene and Microbiology

My group works on the analysis of microbial communities in the non-clinical setting and the investigation of antimicrobial efficacy of laundering, dishwashing and cleaning processes. We are also trying to elucidate the role of antimicrobial resistance in the domestic environment and the interactions with other areas, such as agriculture.

Lily Chambers

Professor of Bionics with a Focus on Biology

Jens Gebauer

Professor of Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems with special focus on Horticulture

Research interests include Agrobiodiversity, Agroecology, Horticulture, Baobab

Ute Hansen

Professor of Biology and Environmental Monitoring

Ronny Hartando

Professor of Technical Computer Science

Ingrid Jungwirth

Professor of Social Sciences with a focus on diversity and inclusion

Matthias Kleinke

Professor of Environmental Technology

Florian Kugler

Professor of Food Science and Technology

William Megill

Professor of Bionics with a focus on sensors and robotics

Ute Merbecks

Professor of General Business Administration with a focus on corporate finance

Simone Pauling

Professor of Agribusiness

Frank Platte

Professor of Chemical Process Engineering

Roland Schmetz

Professor of Drivetrain Engineering, particularly Power Electronics

Neil Shirtcliffe

Professor for Biomaterials

Application of AI in Spectroscopy and Chemistry of Biomaterials

Conor Watson

Scientific Associate

Florian Wichern

Professor of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Maria Gomes Vale

Scientific Associate