Are you eager for a change of perspective? For a unique experience where sustainability matters and where you […]
Despite extensive research on Black Soldier Fly (BSF) farming, Africa faces unique challenges due to social structures, surplus […]
In Benin, a country plagued by frequent power outages, poultry farmers rely on low-cost Chinese plastic incubators for […]
Investigation about the adaptability of the popular ‘Bielefelder Kennhuhn’ breed to African and tropical conditions, considering factors such […]
The Gumboro disease poses a formidable challenge to poultry health, with the potential to devastate valuable breeding stock. […]
Dear Students, How would you like to work in a 2-weeks research camp together with Ugandan and South […]
We are pleased to share this opportunity for a fully-funded “Quiver Tree Doctoral Studentship”, developing and sharing new […]
Research stay in Lima/Peru for Master thesis With more than 45 years of research-for-development, the International Potato Center […]
MSc Career Exploration Scholarship Junior Scientists Tandems (JST) Get to know your job before you do it ATSAF‘s […]
Applications are open to participate in the ASA Programme, offering scholarships to participate in a variety of projects. […]