🍃 An insightful discussion with Prof. Dr. IR. Achille Ephrem Assogbadjo 🌱 In this episode delve into an […]
Amare D, Darr D (2024): Holistic analysis of factors influencing the adoption of agroforestry to foster forest sector […]
Ibrahim K., Bavorova M., Zhllima E. (2024): Food security and livelihoods in protracted crisis: the experience of rural […]
Schwalb A. S, Hemkemeyer M, Christensen T. B, Heinze S, Oliva L. R, Joergensen G. R,  Wichern F. […]
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Der Klimawandel macht die konventionelle Landwirtschaft immer schwieriger. Es werden alternative Ansätze benötigt, die extremen Witterungsbedingungen besser standhalten. […]
TransPlant Enhancing the transfer of plant research results into practice and capacity building in plant sciences MKV NRW […]
Article Prof. Dr. Florian Wichern, a distinguished figure in soil science and plant nutrition, has recently assumed the […]