19. April 2022, 12:28 Uhr, Süddeutsche online aus dpa-Newskanal. Auszug aus dem Artikel: In den 1980er Jahren bringt […]
Analysis of ecosystem services and socioeconomic performance of silvopastoral systems in the Brazilian Cerrado (EcoCer)
COMplex Biofilms and AMR Transmission
“Animal Welfare Xperience” – Development of a virtual learning platform for better understanding of animal welfare of cattle and sheep in the context of professional training
Meisen, S. A.; Smanalieva, J.; Oskonbaeva, Z.; Iskakova, J.; Darr, D.; Wichern, F. (2021): Intraspecific variability overlays abiotic site effects on some quality parameters of walnut (Juglans regia L.) fruits from Kyrgyzstan, Eur Food Res Technol (European Food Research and Technology), 247 (2), 363-373. https://doi.org.10.1007/s00217-020-03628-3
Meinhold K and Darr D (2022): Keeping Up With Rising (Quality) Demands? The Transition of a Wild Food […]
Meinhold K, Dumenu W K, Darr D (2021): Connecting rural non-timber forest product collectors to global markets: The case of baobab […]
Non-Timber Forest Products Perspectives in a Bioeconomy – Invitation to submit – We are looking for a wide […]
The German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) regularly publishes a bilingual Research Map. This interactive map lists the research groups […]