Leuven Nv, Zinn MK, Lucassen R, Lipski A, Flemming HC, Bockmuehl D (2023): High resolution ITS amplicon melting […]
„Indoor-Farming in Deutschland statt Lebensmittelimporte aus dem Ausland? Analyse zu Agrarimporten und ihrem ökologischen Fußabdruck“ In Zusammenarbeit mit […]
Veranstaltungen des Agrobusiness Niederrhein e.V. In den kommenden Wochen werden einige spannende Veranstaltungen des Agrobusiness Niederrhein e.V. stattfinden […]
Dear Students, How would you like to work in a 2-weeks research camp together with Ugandan and South […]
🔍 The Study: The research aimed to shed light on how Baobab managed to transition from sole subsistence […]
You’ve probably heard the term sustainability a lot, and that’s no surprise. It is one of the most […]
Insect rearing, as a sector that provides high-quality protein, allows upcycling of food waste into ingredients for food […]
Oskonbaeva Z, Maitykov T, Sanja SA, Joergensen RG, Wichern F (2023): No Evidence of an Elevation Effect Caused […]