­čŹâ Agroforestry takes root on the Lower Rhine ­čî▒

At the Agroforestry Living Lab at Rhine-Waal University, the team has been actively involved in promoting sustainable food systems through various initiatives since 2023.

What is happening:

    • Agroforestry Systems:┬áThe focus lies on agroforestry systems, providing numerous benefits such as increased biodiversity, erosion control, and carbon sequestration.
    • Collaborative Approach:┬áThrough a participatory methodology, the team brings together farmers, researchers, and other stakeholders to develop innovative solutions tailored to regional needs.
    • Research Focus:┬áTheir research addresses a wide range of topics including agronomy, animal science, socio-economics, and ecological considerations.


Key Activities:

    • Establishing Networks:┬áNetworks have been formed with agricultural enterprises already implementing agroforestry systems and those interested in integrating them into their practices.
    • Practical Research:┬áExperiments include investigating drought tolerance in apple rootstocks and exploring agroforestry applications in potted plant cultivation.
    • Community Engagement:┬áRegular events and workshops facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among local stakeholders.


Why Agroforestry?

    • Environmental Benefits:┬áAgroforestry systems offer multifunctional benefits including soil conservation, habitat creation, and climate resilience.
    • Economic Opportunities:┬áBy diversifying farm income and enhancing ecosystem services, agroforestry can contribute to the long-term viability of agricultural landscapes.
    • Future Resilience:┬áWith the challenges posed by climate change, agroforestry provides a promising pathway towards sustainable and resilient food production.


How to join:

    • Get Involved:┬áWhether you’re a farmer, researcher, student, or simply interested in sustainable agriculture, there are various ways to engage with their initiatives.
    • Stay Updated:┬áCheck out their upcoming events and latest research findings to stay informed about agroforestry developments in the region.


Further Information and Events:

In addition to agricultural enterprises, other regional and supra-regional actors are part of the network, including the Chamber of Agriculture NRW with the Experimental and Education Center Haus Riswick, the City of Kleve, the Permaculture Lower Rhine Association, LIKK e.V., and the nationwide German Specialist Association for Agroforestry (DeFAF e.V.). There will also be events in 2024, such as an Agroforestry Summer Week at Rhine-Waal University in early June.

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