Enhancing the transfer of plant research results into practice and capacity building in plant sciences

MKV NRW 2024-2026

TransPlant aims at creating a collaborative effort among three partner universities, namely Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, University of Cologne, and Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, focusing on enhancing the transfer of plant research results into practice and capacity building in plant sciences.

The transfer activities should initially focus on two main research areas: nutrient use in crops and cropping systems, and development and use of biological agents for more ecologically friendly plant production.

The project aims at contributing to develop sustainable crops and cropping systems for different environments, by integrating expertise in genetics, environmental sciences, and sustainable agriculture. Specifically, it targets the structural and functional characterization of plant microbiomes, emphasizing the development of beneficial microorganisms for plant protection and nutrition.

The project’s primary goal is to facilitate technology transfer, emphasizing early-stage socio-economic evaluation of innovative solutions. It seeks to strengthen networks between academia, industry, and SMEs through coordinated scouting activities and regular events. Transfer competencies among researchers will be enhanced through joint seminars and workshops, focusing on cooperation with existing entities and fostering startup initiatives of the collaborating Universities.

The project also aims to foster student and faculty interactions across universities through joint projects, supervised theses, and shared coursework. Plans include offering joint courses and facilitating administrative processes to streamline collaboration. Overall, the project aims to leverage diverse expertise and resources to address agricultural challenges and foster innovation in academia and industry connecting fundamental research with application in agriculture.

Project partners: Heinrich-Heine-Hochschule Düsseldorf, University of Cologne (both strongly involved in CEPLAS)

Project lead HSRW:
Prof. Dr. Jens Gebauer, Prof. Dr. Florian Wichern