Investigation about the adaptability of the popular ‘Bielefelder Kennhuhn’ breed to African and tropical conditions, considering factors such as feathering, diet, outdoor access, and pre-existing health conditions. Currently, a group of 6 ‘Bielefelder Kennhühner’ is experiencing a significant decrease in egg production, with just approximately 1 egg per week collectively. Additionally, one of the hens succumbed to avian influenza during a time when all roosters and hens were housed together.

The study will involve extensive field observations, data collection on feathering, feeding practices, and health histories of the hens, as well as genetic analysis to understand their resilience to tropical conditions and potential disease susceptibility.

Fieldwork for this research will be supported by a local partner organization, the ET VOICI chicken farm, in Benin, which will be able to provide local supervision, support in finding local accommodation, shared office, contacts with representatives of the University of Parakou etc.

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