We are pleased to share this opportunity for a fully-funded “Quiver Tree Doctoral Studentship”, developing and sharing new insights on managing baobab trees in African landscapes.

This project is jointly funded by the Quiver Tree Foundation and the University of Exeter, as part of the Oppenheimer Programme in African Landscape Systems (OPALS; http://opals-exeter.org). Through a core focus on understanding the distribution of baobab trees over space and time (using free and open-source remote sensing techniques) and the demographic structures across the landscapes (informed by recruitment experiments and population analysis), this project will develop evidence-based insights to inform the stewardship and sustainable utilisation of the iconic and charismatic baobab trees (Adansonia digitata), benefitting the ecological diversity and associated economic and cultural values. Full details of the opportunity are at https://www.exeter.ac.uk/study/funding/award/?id=4821, this studentship is only available for nationals of an African country. Apply by the 23rd of August 2023.


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