The aim of the project is to contribute to more sustainable land management in Central Asia by developing new approaches, methods, products and scientific knowledge that promote agroforestry production systems and their value chains.

Research and development activities are focussed on the analysis and development of agroforestry plantations and orchards; the development of improved methods in dried fruit processing as well as prototypes for innovative food products; the increase in profitability and resource efficiency in nut and fruit processing through the use of waste materials for high-quality applications in the cosmetics industry; to improve marketing channels through supply chain transparency, strengthening of producer organizations and certification; an increased local value added through valorisation of the ecosystem services provided by agroforestry systems (e.g. through carbon certificates); as well as the development of attractive market niches for agroforestry products (e.g. in culinary tourism).

To achieve the project goals, the participating German universities and SMEs work closely with research institutions, private sector stakeholders, international development organizations and actors of the civil society from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

The project results are suitable for improving the profitability of agroforestry systems and thus creating additional incentives for their dissemination.

The project is thus helping to reduce soil erosion, soil degradation and loss of forest area in Central Asia, while at the same time creating business and local value creation opportunities for companies and improving the income situation for local populations.